Business Development Training & Professional Selling Skills

Why Should Someone Buy From You?
How Do You Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitor?

Times have changed. Competition is fiercer and getting better. Clients are smarter and more discerning. Once successful firms are in survival mode and start-ups are changing the game forever. The key for success in today’s market is the ability to generate business and build a loyal and committed client base. Business development is a process that all professionals must acquire.

Too many salespeople are still trying to “sell” their clients products and services. True sales professionals “lead” clients to a buying decision. They provide – solutions, value, peace of mind, and results and build long-term relationships

Clients are motivated to buy when they have a problem that you can solve. They will take action when the value of your solution (not the lowest price) is evident and you make it “easy” to commit.

Kison’s approach to selling is value-based, relationship-oriented and client-centric. By helping the client make an informed decision, both the seller and buyer win. This is very different from the traditional product-focused approach to selling, based solely on features and benefits. In order to achieve success, we must first understand the process of decision making, including the factors of emotion and logic in leading to confident decisions.

The Kison Selling System utilizes 4 pillars or building blocks to help you achieve sustainable success:

  1. Plan – Define specific and measurable goals and objectives that drive all sales activities and create an action plan to guide implementation.
  2. Process – The Kison Sales Diamond™ – Kison’s proprietary system provides a proven model for Earning the Right to secure the client’s commitment.
  3. Skills – Develop the finer skills of communication to build trust and achieve sustained improvements in sales performance and client loyalty. Being able to execute skills well is the difference between average and outstanding performance and being a sales professional versus and order taker.
  4. Value -. Create customized solutions and present unique value propositions to become a trusted advisor and strategic partner with your clients.

Professional Selling Skills Module 1 is the foundation for sales, service, client development, and retention activities. The four parts of this module build upon each other, providing a progressive model which enables companies to apply Kison’s Sales Diamond™ to their specific market and business environment.

The program provides proven sales strategies that will allow participants to:

  • Be more confident and understand the selling process.
  • Plan and Strategy – Maximizing personal effectiveness
  • Apply the Sales Diamond™, a proven sales model that leads to action and results.
  • Understand how to reach decision makers.
  • Earn the right to do business.
  • Be able to develop rapport and trust.
  • Be competent in applying your sales skills.
  • Be confident in securing commitment.

Increase your capacity to build new business and maintain clients.