What We Do

Ralph Kison describes how energy, passion and building open lines of communication with his clients are all key factors in his approach to help them achieve results. He shares his vision to help people move from their current position to achieve the next level of success.


Customized Learning

When you select Kison, you are engaging Ralph and a team of associates with experience in customizing training and development programs and coaching and support strategies that maximize organizational and personal performance.

Our approach to each project is as unique as each client. At the outset of a project, we discuss your goals and expectations to determine realistic project targets and outcomes. By assessing the current state of the organization and its people against desired outcomes, we are able to determine the “gap” and customize a development plan that delivers measurable and sustainable results.

At Kison we do not apply a “one size fits all” philosophy. We utilize various assessment tools and alignment techniques to ensure the highest possible degree of customization for each client. Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate a shift in organizational and personal paradigms. Creating a space where new thoughts can occur is essential to the growth of organizations and key to the value that we provide.

Our Process

Kison utilizes a five step process incorporating a range of services to meet your specific needs to help you achieve success.

Phase I – Planning
  • Define organizational values and culture
  • Identify and prioritize organizational goals and objectives
  • Identify the critical path and develop the action plan
Phase II – Assessment/Alignment
  • Assess critical indicators for organizational success – People, Plans, Processes, Skills
  • Create alignment amongst stakeholders
  • Customize a professional development strategy
Phase III – Professional Development
  • Train and develop stakeholders to leverage existing and acquire new skills
  • Topics: Leadership, Management, Sales, Communication and Service
Phase IV – Coaching/Support
  • Coaching for Accountability – focus on critical factors for organizational success
  • Coaching to achieve personal and professional success
  • Build competence and increase confidence to act
Phase V – Performance Evaluation
  • Measure critical indicators against objectives
  • Link outcomes to future goals and initiatives
  • Achieve Growth Through Learning™

Sustainable Results

Results vary from client and project; however, by applying our process, typical outcomes are:

  • Increased individual and organizational performance
  • More competent & confident employees
  • Organizational/Brand clarity & alignment
  • Focused efforts and resources
  • Increased market and client share
  • Increased profits and revenues
  • Organizational alignment