September 2012

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Over the years, I have talked about the importance of presenting and living up to your brand authentically, consistently, and passionately. The Kison motto, Growth through Learning™ is not only part of our brand – it is an integral part of our attitude and belief. It affects how we think and deliver on our commitment to clients and the business communities we engage with.

I invite you to share my excitement by visiting our new website, This site represents more than just a new brand image; rather, it is one more step forward into a new phase of our growth and development as a firm.

Three themes were the impetus for the creation of the new site; Be Inspired, Be Developed, Be Accountable.

Resources to achieve these goals include online learning, assessment tools, resources and videos containing content and information on topics relating to sales, business development, leadership and personal improvement. We will provide clients, and anyone committed to personal development, with valuable free resources to enable them to grow and develop personally and professionally. We will be adding new material on a regular basis based on requests and input from clients and fellow travelers on the personal development path.

What is not on the site are some of the broader range of services we offered in the past. We remain a resource for your HR and OD requirements and would be pleased to make the introductions to our associates and value-add partners.

We remain focused on applying the Kison five step development process to achieve personal and organizational success.

It is all about Growth through Learning™. This is what you have come to trust and rely on us for.


I am also pleased to report that myKISON,, e-learning program is flying under its own banner at Growth Through Learning Inc. The site has become a valuable online resource for both individuals and organizations committed to improving their effectiveness in sales and business development. We continue to develop and improve the content to meet your changing needs and hope you will find myKISON a trusted resource for your professional development requirements. If you haven't visited the site, I encourage you to view some of the material in the preview section or contact me to arrange a personal private tour and overview of the program.

Marshall Goldsmith, a leading business thinker and author states "e-learning - downloading or playing a few short videos - can be a cost-effective way to get information from top thought leaders. E-learning ultimately can provide experts for any challenge ..."

The face of learning and acquiring information has changed forever. Individuals and companies who realize the key to sustained success is based on lifelong learning are embracing e-learning as a powerful resource for constant improvement and development.

According to Inc. Magazine, (August 7th, 2008), 60% of 1400 Chief Information Officers surveyed, said "they currently use or plan to start using online training to communicate with employees" and that "these technologies helped workers collaborate, while offering businesses a cost-effective way to preserve and share company knowledge".

What is e-learning?

E-learning can be self-directed, instructor-led or a coach or manager supported learning program. It typically includes media ranging from text, PDF's, images, or streaming video and audio to enable the transfer of skills and knowledge.

Why e-learning?

E-learning is a powerful resource that can have many benefits and value for individuals, companies or industry associations. It enables individuals to meet professional standards and provides learners with the tools necessary to meet competitive challenges or customer expectations. When budgets are tight or non-traditional training alternatives are desired, e-learning becomes a viable and smart business option.

Key benefits include:

  • Low cost
  • Fast delivery
  • Consistent message throughout the organization
  • Self-paced
  • Less time spent travelling to training locations
  • Can be done at a time and place to suit the learner
  • Lower environmental impact

E-Learning Statistics:

  • 54% increased use of e-learning*
  • 31% of large organizations now use e-learning*
  • 19% of medium sized organizations now use e-learning*
  • 19% of small sized organizations now use e-learning*

* Source: 'The UK e-learning market 2010' report by Learning Light

What is Self-Directed Learning?

Self-directed learning is focused on the individual. It is a process for moving from the learner's vision and goals for learning to action and ultimately to accomplishment. Knowledge put into action is power. Self-directed learning puts the learner in the position of having responsibility and control for his/her own development. There is a big difference between simply acquiring information and facts versus learning through experiences and self-reflection regarding what has worked/not worked. In self-directed learning, the learner is not having the training done "to" them, rather is it being done "by" them and they are controlling and directing the experience.

Blended Learning

Blended learning, which can include e-learning supported by classroom training or workshops and supplemented by resources such as paper and e-books, technical manuals, etc., is quickly becoming increasingly popular as organizations look to cut costs whilst still meeting the needs today's learners.

Blended learning can be an extremely useful pre or post training tool. If used for pre-training activities, such as before attending a group training session, it provides all learners with a base level of knowledge before entering the classroom. If used for post-training, it can be useful to reinforce the core message of the classroom session and provide learners with a source of reference to build their competence and confidence relating to the topic.

myKISON as a resource for your development

Weather you or your company are looking to implement a self-directed or blended learning program consider how myKISON can be a resource for your development. The application of what you learn in myKISON to the real world - your world - is integral to the process of learning, adopting, and applying these new skills to your everyday life.

myKISON delivers the same course content participants receive in Ralph's corporate or public training sessions. myKISON users have 24/7 access to Ralph and the Kison course content to learn when it is convenient or as the need for immediate coaching and resources arises. myKISON users learn from Ralph and have full access to exclusive video and audio content supported with relevant text and resource material. Ideal for the busy business professional, myKISON's online learning format places control and pace of the learning process in the hands of the user. As the learner, you create the timetable, "attend class" or get on-line coaching when it is convenient, determine what learning resources will be used, and complete the assignments in a self-directed manner.

We thank you - our valued clients, colleagues, and friends for your ongoing support and commitment. Help us get the word out about our new site and on-line learning resources by forwarding information about our programs to anyone committed to personal development and growth.

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