October 2014

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Have you ever chosen to buy a product or service from a company because their website was impressive, current and inviting? Or maybe you took action because your peers introduced you to the company and because the content or information was valuable and relevant. In similar fashion, it was time for Kison Inc. and Growth Through Learning Inc. to develop their own identity to serve their clients and followers more effectively.

As President and Founder of both organizations, it was important to differentiate the two companies at this point to better serve the clients and connect with the respective communities each firm serves. For those reasons, we have created www.growththroughlearning.com – an interactive website and resource center for those committed to professional and personal growth. Visit our new website to see our current services and offerings, and learn more about what is coming in the future.

The site focuses on two key areas:

  1. Business development and professional selling
  2. Personal development – leadership skills, personal branding and communication skills

What you will find at www.growththroughlearning.com is information about our services, newsletters, articles and videos from me talking about topical and timely issues relating to sales and personal development.

There is also a blog you can follow to stay informed on upcoming events, trends we are following and things that impact those who sell, serve, lead and build successful organizations. We will be posting new videos and providing links to resources that will be of value to you.

I am excited about the Online Learning section of our website. The myKISON e-learning site has grown tremendously and has become a key tool and resource for improving personal and organizational success for many of our clients. We continue to develop and improve the content to meet your changing needs and hope you will find myKISON a trusted resource for your professional development requirements. If you haven't visited the site, check-out some of the material in the preview section or contact me to arrange a personal private tour and overview of the program. I'd love to discuss with you how it can positively impact your career or your organization while taking you to the next level of success

Why e-learning?

E-learning is a powerful resource that can have many benefits and value for individuals, companies or industry associations. It enables individuals to meet professional standards and provides learners with the tools necessary to meet competitive challenges or customer expectations. When budgets are tight or non-traditional training alternatives are desired, e-learning becomes a viable and smart business option.

Key benefits include:

  • Low cost
  • Easy access anywhere and on all devices
  • Fast delivery
  • Communicating a consistent message throughout the organization
  • Less time spent travelling to training locations
  • Can be done at a time and place to suit the learner
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Self-paced – puts control in the hands of the learner
  • Can be reviewed frequently to build comprehension and knowledge
  • Great coaching resources for managers to support their team

Marshall Goldsmith, a leading business thinker and author states "e-learning – downloading or playing a few short videos – can be a cost-effective way to get information from top thought leaders. E-learning ultimately can provide experts for any challenge ..."

The face of learning and acquiring information has changed forever. Individuals and companies who realize the key to sustained success is based on lifelong learning are embracing e-learning as a powerful resource for constant improvement and development.

Special offer: I am extending a 20% discount until November 14, 2014 for anyone purchasing an annual license to the myKISON e-learning program. This option includes coaching with me to improve skill and confidence take a look at our best pricing offer here: http://www.growththroughlearning.com/mykison/pricing/

If you, or someone you know, can benefit from myKISON e-learning and personal coaching, please contact me or Lydia Paulger directly to take advantage of this offer. contact@growththroughlearning.com

Remember – you only improve and grow based on the things you learn and the support you receive

We thank you – our valued clients, colleagues, and friends for your ongoing support and commitment. Help us get the word out about our new site and online learning resources by forwarding information about our programs to anyone committed to personal development and growth.

To your success!


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